Executive Condominium

Located in the junction of Gambas Avenue and Woodlands Ave 12.

Waterfall FNL

Relax after a day’s work by the pool.


Barbecue pits accessible for the residents.


Full condominium facilities like any other EC's.

Northwave EC

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Last Updated: Friday, April 19th 2019
Important info: 
Lowest Price EC in Woodlands!

Sales info:

No of BedroomsSizes RangePrices As Low As
2 Bedroom678 to 753 sqft$483,000
3 Bedroom & Premium893 to 1130 sqft$660,000
4 Bedroom1270 sqft$917,000
5 Bedroom1464 sqft$1,036,000
Penthouse1690 to 1722 sqft$1,214,000

Latest Unit Sold:

11th June 2017: #07-14 Blk 107 | 979sqft | S$750,800

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Project Name
Northwave Executive Condominium
Hao Yuan (Woodlands) Pte Ltd
No. of Units
358 Units
Woodlands Avenue 12 / Gambas Avenue
Gross Site Area
12,388.3 sq m
Type of Bedroom
3BR, 3BR Premium and 4BR
99 years commencing on 25th May 2015
No. of Blocks
6 (Highest Level: 16)
Expected TOP Date
22 Feb 2019

The new executive condominium Northwave EC is a well-designed development well located in District 25. With a sleek, modern exterior design, Northwave offers 390 condominiums ranging from 1 to 4 bedroom. There’s a lot of attention to detail with each unit being able to boast of high-quality furnishings and equipment. The developers are MCC Land, one of the most established and respected Singapore-based developers.

By reputation, Executive Condominiums are built to a high quality but Northwave EC leads the way. The complex has a host of facilities that make life so much more comfortable. Facilities include a BBQ Pavilion, Clubhouse, lap pool, indoor gymnasium, outdoor fitness area, children’s pool and playground and tennis court. All surrounded with an elegant landscape.

It’s also very well located. It has amenities nearby including Sun Plaza, Riverside Primary School, Innova Primary School, Sembawang Shopping Centre, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Canberra Nature Park and Giant Supermarket. Admiralty MRT is close by as is Seletar Expressway (SLE) and Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). Also accessible is Sembawang MRT.

This is a great investment and home buying opportunity thanks to the quality, infrastructure and the fact that it’s an Executive Condominium.

Executive Condominiums Explained

In 1999, executive condominiums started to come onto the market. They represent a hybrid of public and private housing. The government subsidizes the land sale, in return for the developers building condominiums for entry-level, first-time buyers. Critically, the quality and features of the condominium resemble private condominiums in every way. They include infrastructures such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and clubhouses.

Buyers of these condominiums have to meet some criteria. For example, they need to have an income of less than $14,000 a year and they have to be Singaporean. They are not allowed to sell the condo for 5 years, and then only to Singaporeans. Once the development is 10 years old, it can be sold to even non-nationals.

The EC Show Units

There are currently 2 show units available, a 3-bedroom and a 4 bedroom unit. They are good representatives of the units available and many of the smaller units are well represented with these showhomes too.

At just 990 sqft, this 3BR showunit doesn’t sound especially big for a 3-bedroom, but in reality, in many ways, it’s far superior to larger condos that fall into this price range. Space is better utilized with no unnecessarily long corridors. The designers attempted to make everything in proportionate to the overall space. You don’t get extravagantly large balconies and tiny kitchens or impractical bedrooms. Space is a commodity but well used.

Immediately, the living area is spacious with a clear space where the dining table can be placed. The layout has the kitchen situated behind a structural wall making the Kitchen an enclosed area which differs to many condos and gives a much better visual entrance.

The kitchen is proportionate to the unit, it’s on the smaller side, but every metre is well used. Having counters on both sides allows for plenty of cooking space and also puts most things in arm’s reach. The washing machine is well situated and doesn’t take up valuable room. It also doesn’t take up cabinet space meaning that you still have plenty of storage room.

The washing area allows for space for a dryer and with a window located there, you still have the option of hanging clothes outside to dry. Space is at a premium, but by maximizing the space in this area of the unit they’ve allowed for larger spaces elsewhere and you can have space limitations here without losing on functionality whereas saving space on a bedroom, for example, will limit how you use the space, so it’s a sensible decision.

With regards to space, one feature that really gives a feeling of spaciousness would be the large floor to ceiling windows, not to mention the natural light that floods the unit.

The bedrooms come with laminated timber flooring, as standard. As well as built in wardrobes and sliding doors. This allows you more space to use. The master bedroom is a very good size and boasts a large ensuite bathroom.

The Northwave EC have a lot of features that position it as one of the premier condos in the area, especially for the value it offers as an investment opportunity. But one of it’s more attractive features is the verandah or balcony. It wraps around the entire living area connecting to the interior space near the entrance.

The 140 sqft the balcony offers is a really functional space when you have guests or you want to ventilate the living area and make a connection with the outdoor space. The entire living area has porcelain tiles giving a feeling of cool, Similar to the 3-bedroom variant the kitchen is enclosed. The kitchen then connects to a functional yard area that is out of the way. The kitchen is well designed and utilizes space well.

For many, the kitchen is going to tick a lot of boxes. It’s simple in design but very attractive and is very functional fand a good use of space.. It’s not large in size but big enough so you don’t feel restricted. It also uses storage space well, making it a practical space.

The smaller bedrooms are large enough to accommodate a queen sized bed with space for well-chosen additional bedroom furniture. Choosing a smaller bed or perhaps a bunk bed allows for even more space which makes it ideal for a child’s room.

The master bedroom offers, even more space giving the room a real feel of openness and allows it to feel much bigger than other master bedrooms in other condominiums. In the ensuite bathroom, it has both a wet and dry area that’s separated by a swinging glass door. Even though the bathroom is partitioned into 2 areas, it’s so big that it still feels spacious.


At first glance, it’s a difficult sell to persuade someone that they should relocate to somewhere like Woodlands or Sembawang. But as with many things, it can look different when you look a little deeper.

Woodlands is a sleepy little town that is quiet and perhaps not the first region on your lips when considering a location. But it’s about to be redeveloped. Singapore is expanding and developing and now it’s eye falls on Woodlands. Northwave represents the start of the plan to modernize the area.

Northwave EC benefits from its location. It’s not inside the usual hub. Places like shopping malls and other such conveniences that drive up the price of property. But it is close by to take advantage of the transport infrastructure including roads and MRT stations. A short journey and you have all the benefits without the congestion and noise.

The plot of land that Northwave is being built on overlooks Gambas Avenue and Woodlands Avenue 12. It’s surrounded by some HBD blocks. Just behind Gambas Avenue lie Seagate Technologies International and 3M Innovation Centre. Also nearby is ARK Gambas and other factories and business centres. Also integrated into the area are schools, condos and community areas.

The area offers a sense of peace that’s hard to find in Singapore. It’s away from the hum of traffic but it’s not isolated. Both Admiralty and Sembawang MRT stations are close by that allow access to other areas of Singapore for work and other commitments.

Admiralty MRT station is a comfortable 15 minutes walk. On Woodlands Avenue 7 you have access to SLE and in the near future, when NSC is up and running that will be two expressways that are accessible.

Sun Plaza, located next to Sembawang MRT station is a 10-minute drive away. As is Sembawang Shopping Centre, which can be found on Sembawang road. Towards Admiralty MRT stations are several schools and a good connection of buses giving you access to other facilities in the district. In the neighborhood of Admiralty MRT, there are plans to build community facilities that include a hawker centre, swimming complex, childcare and eldercare centres.

The Future of Woodlands

As part of the ROH (Remaking Our Heartland) program 10,000 new dwellings are planned. There are also plans for commercial facilities. The Woodlands is to be the Republic’s Northern Regional Centre and the plan for the region is to be implemented over the next 5 to 10 years.

Additionally, the Urban Redevelopment Authority has seen the potential for 100,000 jobs in the region.

With plans for expanding on parks, and cycle paths as well as building new health centres and fitness and community centres. Singapore plans to grow and develop and the authorities have earmarked Woodlands as one of the regions that will play a role in the development.

In terms of transportation, the new North-South Expressway, which will be a 21.5km road that connects Woodlands to the city, is scheduled to be ready in 2026.

The Developers: MCC Land

As one of Singapore’s most respected developers, MCC Land, incorporated in 2010, has developed 5 projects, co-developed 2 further projects, and managed furthermore projects in just over 6 years. For their work, they have been voted to the list of the top 10 real estate developers in Singapore for the last 3 years.

MCC Group is actually Metallurgical Corporation of China Limited. They are China’s largest manufacturer of steel and have a worldwide reputation for metallurgical contracting that includes business operations in over 90 countries in the word. They are a listed company that have assets of over $7.7 billion and are very influential in Singapore.


One of the best investment opportunities in Singapore, Northwave is an Executive Condominium that allows Singaporeans who are currently earning less than $14,000 to make their first step onto Singapore’s property ladder.

The condominiums are well designed, with a fresh modern feel, they’re also spacious and extremely well laid out, maximizing every metre of space. The complex has facilities that rival most condominiums including a BBQ Pavilion, Clubhouse, lap pool, indoor gymnasium, outdoor fitness area, children’s pool and playground and tennis court.

The Woodlands is an up and coming area, it has some infrastructure but the next 10 years are going to see large-scale improvements to the area with thousands of jobs and developent properties planned for the district. At present, it has Sun Plaza, Riverside Primary School, Innova Primary School, Sembawang Shopping Centre, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Canberra Nature Park and Giant Supermarket. Admiralty MRT close by as is Seletar Expressway (SLE) and Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). Also accessible is Sembawang MRT.

As an Executive Condominium, you are going to be able to buy the property at a subsidized price. After 5 years you’ll be in the position to sell the property at the full market price and make a profit or have some money to invest into your next residential property.

Northwave is well built and good looking. It’s full of facilities that make life easier and combined with the price it’s a really attractive proposition.